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My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving Movie Poster Special Education

A zombie-obsessed, special needs adult searches for his absent mother; meanwhile, he teaches a Korean family and a drug-dealing gang the powerful lesson of forgiveness through his favorite TV show, Apocalyptic Zombies.

It was quite a feat to create that vibe, but Unger and Soriano have succeeded in giving us a feel-good holiday B-movie about special needs people and zombies. Fill up on turkey and pie and check it out.

Besides being a heartwarming, feel-good movie where you will cry and laugh, “My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving” is among the films that showcase how the autism stigma is ending

The core story about the importance of family is well realised on screen. With many of the cast and crew having friends and family members with special needs, this came from a place of love and I did like the many scenes from the show within the film. .

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