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Are you infected? We are!

Yes! We love zombies. The obsession is real and infectious. Holly and I even had #zombies on our wedding cake.#ZombieWeddingCake I have the chainsaw. Holly’s sporting her black and white signature Chuck’s, glasses and shotgun. What better weapons to protect you and your loved ones when the Apocalypse hits?

As my niece pointed out, “Even if the world ends in the #Apocalypse, you’ll still be fighting together alongside one another.” Hell yeah! I suggested a Star Wars cake for our wedding, but was denied. When I brought up zombies, she lit up. We compromised and used the “Imperial March” for our grand entrance.

We also played zombies in our own movie. How cool was that? It was Heaven even though it was supposed to be Hell on earth.

I love the #EvilDead and #ArmyOfDarkness movies. It was the perfect swirl of horror and comedy with the Three Stooges all rolled into one. Bruce Campbell would’ve made an excellent Moe in the Hollywood remake of the #ThreeStooges. The #AshvsEvilDead series was the perfect follow up to the movies. Every scene was tailored for maximum blood splattering. Lucy Lawless was the icing on the cake. If the Apocalypse ever occurred and I turned into a zombie, I’d want my wife to take me out… with a chainsaw.

Who would you want taking you out when the Apocalypse hits?

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