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As the writer of My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving, I paid tribute to my father, Marvin Soriano, in our movie as the character of Jung. He teaches his son Kim like most fathers. His lessons include both academics and life ones, but Kim refuses to listen to his father the older Kim got. It makes for a more contentious relationship between Kim and Jung. It's especially since Kim is around the age where he believed that he knows everything. To fulfill Jung’s personal needs, he takes Marcus under his wing at the laundromat like a father to a surrogate son.

My father wasn’t the best academic teacher. He was extremely bright and things came effortlessly for him. An example was at his final CPA exam in college. He found a mistake on it and brought it to the board’s attention.

I remember in fifth grade I couldn’t understand a math problem. My father struggled to teach me and he even raised his voice which made me cry. I felt completely stupid and never asked him for his advice on math again.

He soon became my greatest life lesson teacher.

My family owned a printing shop on Melrose Ave when I was young. A customer once eviscerated him for a poor quality job in front of me, but it was one I did and not my father. I had rushed through it so I could go out with my friends. My father stayed late to redo the job while the customer angrily waited hissing at every step. I felt completely devastated that I abandoned my father and betrayed his trust. He never said a word in retaliation to me, or threw me under the bus to the customer.

My attitude did a 180 from that point forward. I do my best even if it meant making sacrifices. It was a teachable moment that has stuck with me to this day. And I honor it every time I stay late, get up early, or make personal sacrifices.

What lessons has your father taught you? How do you celebrate it?

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