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It's a Wonderful Life, Richard

In Frank Capra’s timeless classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” there’s an often overlooked speech. It’s when George lectures his father on why he won’t stay in the small, crumby, ol’ town and work at the family savings and loan business because he’s off to see the world, build bridges and skyscrapers and do big things.

I saw this film in high school and could totally relate to it. I was chained to the family printing business on Melrose. I felt like I missed out on high school social events because of so many late nights and weekends spend working there. I felt F.O.M.O even before people could give it a cool name - Fear Of Missing Out.

I felt like the young George Bailey, ready to take on the world, see the foreign lands and join startups that turned 20 something’s into instant millionaires.

Fast forward through my software engineering career and the industry puttered out. There was a lull just before the social media explosion. I was laid off. I had all the time in the world and tank full of gas. I was ready to inflict FOMO upon the rest my peers until my father came down with cancer.

I was forced to make a decision- help my parents with their fledgling and struggling businesses and take care of my father or set off on a new adventure. I made the decision where I could sleep at night. Some nights, I’ve wondered where my life could’ve went

In My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving, Doris is my father who passed away. I am the character Frank. I was the one who remained with the business until I could figure something out. In some scenes, Frank was shown surfing online dating websites. He’s dwelling on his possibilities. Marcus contributes to his frustrations as things spiral out of control. It was good for the actor and character. Most likely they’ll get cut because they’re not in line with the central theme of family and forgiveness.

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving in many ways is my biography. What movies reflect your life?

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