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My Apocalyptic Teaser Trailer

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Hey there everyone! We realize we let our Facebook family know about our trailer. It’s just that we didn’t let our website family know about our trailer. Here it is: Our MAT trailer.

But it’s not just any trailer. It’s a teaser trailer meaning that we roughly had a minute to tell our story. Let me tell you what… That was damn hard. We had to figure what to put in and what to leave out all the while tell our story. As you can imagine, we were sad that we didn’t get to include everything. It’s just that our allotted time really only let us tell the really big idea of our story: a guy with special needs looking for his mom.

Yes. It was truly hard to distill our story down except it also helped clarify our current stage. We’re in what is called “post.” Many know about this process whereas others don’t. I’ll give a tiny overview for those unfamiliar: It’s when the film has been shot and its raw footage is being shaped into the final film that audiences eventually see. And here’s the thing about post: I’ve heard many horror stories about it.

In fact, I’ve been told that post is where films go to die. We’re happy to report that our film is far from that. We’re just about at the point called “picture lock.” This is when the creative edits are done with the film and we move into the final stages before the world sees MAT. (Is this cool or what!?!)

I digress for I didn’t relate how our teaser trailer has helped with post. It’s that it reminded us of what to emphasize and dig into deeper. And applying this logic helped us to cut the film. The other big thing that has helped us is that we've had a family of fellow filmmakers give us notes on our various renditions of the film. It’s been an incredible learning process that we’re so profoundly happy that we did. Plus, we’re able to fix things not working while we’re still in a position to do something about them.

Both Richard and I have a favorite writing teacher Corey Mandell that explained in terms of writing but it also applies to a film in progress. His comment is that the story that plays in the writer’s head isn’t the one in the reader’s head. The reader only has the pages. S/he isn’t privy to everything that the writer generated to put together those specific pages in that particular order

The same can be said for films and their audiences in that we have plenty of footage not in our current cut. But the generous souls helping us inspect our film has allowed us to better understand audience reactions and what needs to be clarified. This is especially since most had little to no information before they saw MAT. In fact, some had only seen our teaser trailer and others had only heard us talk about it a tiny bit.

We’ll let you know of any updates. In the meantime, enjoy the MAT again since it’s been a bit or maybe even the first time.

And we haven’t said it enough… Thanks so much for all of your support! It’s beyond super cool!. 

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